The Red Prince is the main antagonist in Settlers 6: Rise of an Empire and even is mentioned in Settlers 6: Eastern Realm. He is a ruler with a countless number of soldiers and territories.


Personality Edit

The Red Prince is a cruel ruler with no regard of the settlers, which proves to be his downfall. He treats the knights like enemies and even taunts the King when captured. He is both bold and narcissistic, as he does not see the King as a proper rival.

He only cares about power and gold. He favors war over peace and attacks anyone who opposes. He is even cruel to his second-in-command, Crimson Sabatt.

Gameplay Edit

The Red Prince will usually talk to the King when preparing for an attack so be prepared to repel his soldiers when he talks.

Appearances Edit

The Red Prince appears in all the cut-scenes after the first one. His first appearance in-game is in Mission 8: Seydir, where he sends Crimson Sabbat the goods required to complete the mission after the timer goes to 0. He is the main enemy of the last mission, Rossottores.