The Outpost is a building that is used to claim territories. It is the only building the player can build on a territory they do not own. It can be manned by both swordmen and bowmen, like the Trading Post. It will always cost 10 wood and 200-1500 gold to build. Its health bar is replenished when the player moves soldiers on it. It costs 10 stone and 100 gold to upgrade and replenishes torches. Players can attack enemy outposts and claim them if its health is low enough by right clicking it after attacking. Destroying or taking over an enemy outpost will result in all the buildings and trails/roads being destroyed there. 


As bowmen have an advantage on an outpost against other bowmen, assuming the enemy bowmen are on the ground and their reputation is roughly the same as the defending bowmen, players can use it as a checkpoint against attacking soldiers or as a place to go back to when they are attacking.

The enemy can send all its soldiers to attack your outpost if it is too close to their territory, and the player can use this to make the enemy run out of gold due to all the soldiers being recruited.

The prices of claiming a territory Edit

  • 200 Gold
  • 300 Gold
  • 500 Gold
  • 1000 Gold
  • 1500 Gold

It is not possible for the outpost to have any other price than these listed above. It also costs 10 wood.


  • If a territory is not claimed by another faction, the player can build an outpost on it even if another faction has buildings on the territory.
  • If the player demolishes an outpost, it will result in all trails/roads and all their buildings on the outpost being destroyed as well and will only give the player back 10 wood instead of 10 wood and gold.
  • The design of the outpost will change in different climates, similar to the Castle.