Seydir is the eighth mission of Settlers 6. The entire mission is time based. In this mission, you complete tasks to try to impress the head of the Vikings.


Task 1- Send 300 goldEdit

First start by building up your settlement as you normally would. 300 gold should be easy to accomplish as long as you don't upgrade the special buildings too much. While you are developing your settlement send your knight west until he or she reaches a village. When he/she does, send him/her to kill the pack of wolves. It will probably take awhile until they are all killed so be sure to finish before you deliver the gold. After you have enough money wait until the timer reaches 30 seconds - 1 minute and then send it. Meanwhile start building Weavers and a sheep farm in preparation for the second task. If you are unable to reach 300 gold you should either restart or try to make do with finishing the remaining 3 tasks.

​Task 2- Deliver 9 wool clothesEdit

You should now have your sheep farm and weavers. Save the game just in case you fail the task if you haven't done so already and continue developing your settlement. Put the weaver(s) on stockpile to make sure your settlers do not take any and keep an eye of the supply. Make sure you reach the title of count before or during the third task unless you have an army ready. You should build up an army if you have enough wood for a bowmen barracks and at least two bowmakers. If not don't bother as Crimson Sabatt cannot attack you yet and will not even during the third task. If you feel like you won't be able to produce enough clothes you can send a thief to Crimson Sabatt's storehouse to buy some time. After there is about 40 seconds left on the timer send your clothes if you produced them.

​Task 3- Send 8 raw fishEdit

Because there is only one territory on the land with fish you will have to fight Crimson Sabatt for the territory. However she already has an army ready and the territory costs 1000 gold. If you have not built an army yet and you failed all the tasks so far but do not want to restart, start building the military buildings and hope that you can claim the territory later on. If you do not want to accomplish this task simply reach count if you have not done so already and build a siege engine workshop. Do not create any siege engines; you will need five siege engine parts for the fourth task. If you do decide to complete this task don't claim the territory. You should instead wait for Crimson Sabatt to claim it and then take it so you aren't wasting money. Only claim this territory if you are sure that you can hold it. If not just let Crimson Sabatt win this one and go for the fourth task instead.

​Task 4- Send 5 siege engine partsEdit

Since you should have already reached count and built the siege engine workshop and have enough iron due to the iron mine in your territories, simply send the parts or wait for the parts to be produced and then send them. Once it reaches the Grandmother you have won.


  • Avalanches


  • During the third task, you could actually destroy Crimson Sabatt's settlement if you had catapults since the peace of the Grandmother is over because you need to fight for the fishing territory.

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