Gallos is the third mission in Settlers 6. It focuses on war.

New Features Introduced/UnlockedEdit

  • A warring faction that is a town
  • Kestral
  • Seizing carts
  • Sheep and wolves
  • Battling Rams (only used by the enemy and the player if you capture it without instructions as to how to use it)


  • The unreachable harbor's name is the same as the faction you are at war with.
    • You can reach it by seizing the Baron's battling ram for yourself.
  • If you send the gold to the baron, you can complete the quest and get the money by capturing it on the way.
  • If the territory outside of the harbor is sealed, the cart will stay inside the Baron's city forever.
    • Vice versa if you seal off the Baron's territory leading to his city.

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