Settlers rocks

One of the final steps is to prevent Khana's troops attacking by releasing rocks into a gorge.

Amesthan is the third mission for the Eastern Realm campaign.

One of Saraya's spies has spotted an opportunity to engage Khana. However it turns out to be a trap and Khana was prepared for it, and the construction of a City Wall becomes prioritised.

The problem is, there are no Stone Quarrys to settle for and the player must use a Trading Post to aquire Stone instead. There is also no Iron available, making Mercenaries ideal to purchase from the local harbour.


Playing as Saraya and continuously using her ability to take tribute from a village can eventually get the player enough stone to build a wall and upgrade the castle, storehouse, and cathedral, without having to attack anyone or be attacked by anyone.


Trivia Edit

  • Before completing the first task, build a City Wall, you can not build any palisades.
  • It is possible to use Saraya's active ability to aquire Stone at the very start, but it's not ideal due to the low amount you get.