This is the article about the 15th mission in Settlers 6. If you were looking for the first mission, go to Mission 1: Vestholm.

Vestholm is the fifthteenth mission in Settlers 6. In this mission, you cannot destroy more than one building belonging to the Royal City of Vestholm since it used to be yours or else you will get a defeat; you'll lose the mission (destroying/taking over a Outpost counts as one building, but destroying the Storehouse/Cathedral/Castle counts as more than one building.

Strategy Edit

First use 1 battalion of open the gates and escape with 1 battalion. You can use the walls to save the other battalion but they will only cost more money.

Start developing a settlement once you have successfully escaped. Make sure you have touched the castle as if you die before completing the first quest, you will fail the mission.

Build a wall as soon as possible.

Continue to develop and when Baron, send a thief into the Royal City. Be sure to navigate the thief yourself through the north exit, and into the enemy castle.

Wait until the traitor comes out of the walls and then attack him/her.

If the traitor never comes out, be sure to take your army, and go through the northern entrance and maneuver your troops inside on the wall and unlock the door. Once you are in, ignore everything else and only go for the traitor.

If you are having trouble, get 1 catapult and siege tower and break down 1 wall only if you have not destroyed anything else so far. If you have and/or need to go through another wall, just use the siege tower and send your troops in and unlock the gate.

Trivia Edit

  • There are many odd things about this mission.
    • There are Bandits that can sell Wood and Stone.
    • The villages in Mission 1: Vestholm are now aggressive, except for the Harbor.
    • The village of Eastholm is your enemy for no reason.
    • A cart with a knight comes from Eastholm.
    • The Harbor task only provide dialogue, no troops like they said.
    • The Royal City of Vestholm has many more territories than in the first mission.
    • The starting area in the first mission has burnt to the ground.
    • There are multiple Prison Cages that only eat up your wood supply.
    • The traitor will never fight; instead, they will continuously run back and forth until defeated.

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