The harbor is a special building that acts like the Storehouse for harbor factions. It is seen in many missions.

Gameplay Edit

The harbor is the version of the Storehouse for the harbor faction. All settlers from that faction puts their goods and materials there.

When a ship comes, there will be goods in the harbor for a while until the ship sails. The ship only comes once a year so be quick!

If you have met the harbor faction before, the harbor master will announce a ship arriving and when it sails into port.

If you are interested in buying goods, just move your knight next to the harbor similarly how you would with villages and cities when trading.

After a while, the ship eventually leaves port.

Ignore the "quest" about the harbor having goods. It only is there to inform you of how long the ship will be in port.

Trivia Edit

  • The harbor faction is the only faction that can build the harbor.
  • In Challia, you can claim a territory with a harbor on it.

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