This is the page for the general overview of all factions. It will include the trades and status of friendship with them.

All factionsEdit


  • Bandits
    • Enemy
  • Royal City of Vestholm
    • Ally
  • Monk
    • Undecided
  • ??? Harbor
    • Undecided


  • Vikings (not on the menu)
    • It is first your enemy, then it's your ally/trade contact/established contact/undecided.
  • 4 villages


  • Baron of Randulphan
  • Enemy
  • Baron of Randulphan (Harbor)
    • Undecided
  • Sheriff of Januburg
  • First undecided, then trade contact,
  • Ryan Over The Sea Chapel
  • First undecided, then trade contact.
  • Village of Montecito
  • First undecided, then trade contact
  • ???

Narfang Edit

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